Japanese Music Terms

While tagging music from various Japanese audio CDs that I own, I’ve come across various terms used for crediting people in various roles in the production of the album. These are printed in the CD booklet, alongside people’s names, and I look them up to figure out which tags I should put in my audio files. This is a list of some common terms I've encountered, and what they mean, to avoid having to look them up over and over. Each term is a link to its entry in the WWWJDIC online Japanese dictionary, followed by my own summary and additional notes where applicable.

Katamari Damacy Soundtracks: Transliterated Tags

While on a vacation in Japan, I bought the soundtracks to the PlayStation 2 games "Katamari Damacy" and "We ♥ Katamari". These CDs were produced for the Japanese market, and are labeled entirely in Japanese. When I got home from my trip, I ripped the CDs to Vorbis files on my computer, as I do with all CDs that I buy. As part of that process, I needed to tag the song files with the title and artist names, but they're written in Japanese characters that I can't readily type, and I didn't really want to use the Japanese characters anyway since I can't read them. So I spent some time and did some research, and came up with a complete list of the transliterated names of everyone who's credited for the music on this pair of albums.
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