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Dual-column cobblestone generator for Minecraft

This page includes information related to Minecraft, but is unofficial and not approved by, endorsed by, associated with, or connected with Mojang.

This design is based on the YACG automatic cobblestone generator, but with added wiring to automatically restart the generator after mining the cobblestone. In addition, it features two of the generators, for efficiency: each generator can replenish its cobblestone column while the player mines the other. The design is meant to built with the tops of the columns at ground level; the generators are hidden underground, and players never have to see the redstone mechanisms or come close to the lava.

To use the generator, stand on top of one of the cobblestone columns and mine eight blocks down. This brings you to the bottom of a stairway. When you step off the cobblestone, a pressure plate triggers the generator to start replenishing it, and the stairs take you to the top of the other column. By the time you mine eight blocks from the second column and return to the top of the first one, the generator has finished and it’s ready to mine again. You can continue mining, alternating between generators every eight blocks, for as long as you need.

Suggested usage: starting with one wood and twelve stone, craft four stone pickaxes. Use each of the pickaxes to mine two stacks of 64 cobblestone, for a total of eight stacks. Combine the four worn-out pickaxes together and mine six more cobblestone from each of the two columns, to replace the twelve that you started with; this can be used to craft four more pickaxes and repeat the process. (Using stone pickaxes means you’re not wearing out better tools on cobblestone mining; only wood is consumed. One wood yields 512 cobblestone in about 13 minutes.)

If you mine too far down in one of the columns, a glass block lets you see the lava so you know to stop mining while you’re still in a safe spot, and there’s a button to start the generator and lift you out of the hole.

Construction Diagram

Here’s a diagram of each layer, starting from the top.

When building, make sure to place the water before placing the lava. As soon as the fluids and wiring are in place, the generator will start producing a column of twelve cobblestone blocks, so be prepared for that to happen. Once it’s generated the full column, it won’t produce any more until either the block between the repeaters is broken, or the button or pressure plate is pushed, so you can let the generator do its thing and then break the other eleven blocks to get them out of the way while you finish building. It’s a good idea to leave the pressure plates for last, to avoid re-triggering the generator accidentally.

Layer 1:

Layer 2:

Layer 3:

Layer 4:

Layer 5:

Layer 6:

Layer 7:

Layer 8:

Layer 9:

Layer 10:

Layer 11:

Layer 12:

Layer 13:

Layer 14:

Layer 15:

Diagrams use Minecraft textures that are copyright Mojang. Used with permission.